IT-Tidy is a suite for managing "unstructured" data with the main objective to transform a workflow based on Excel into one based on the data contained in Excel.

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The Business Class

The real revolution is the creation of a new paradigm: the business class. Whilst traditional databases have a rigid table structure, IT-Tidy comes with a database that follows the network model: each “unit of information” is a node of the network, the links between nodes are the business class.
From a practical point of view we are not forced to draw the database’s architecture at the beginning of the project, but the structure grows organically, nourished by the users themselves.

Information is centralised

The data contained in Excel is shared and accessible by all users.

Excel interface

Thanks to an add-in to Excel, IT-Tidy enables minimal impact on the Business operation and an excellent user experience without the need to engage the team in training to use a new software.

User profiling

Profiling users with the ability to identify different roles: designer (who creates the ``business classes``), editor (who is responsible for the data contained in the business class) and readers (who can only see the information).

Low impact implementation

IT-Tidy works on all Excel files preserving its formulas or macros. Analysis, Implementation and Tests are reduced to just a few days. It is possible to ``turn off`` the suite at any time without any impact on the files.


IT-Tidy keeps track of all changes that are made to the data, allowing you to recover historical information and tracing back who has edited the data without any intervention on the part of the IT department

Communicating files

The data of the various files is stored in a liquid database accessibile from all the other files that, in turn, can retrieve or upload data at any time. The issues related to “updating links” disappear: updated information can be shared with any documents without the inconvenience of excel files updates that impact the funcioning of other files.

IT-Tidy optimizes workflow thereby saving time and resources.