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From problem to solution

Business Technology is the model that links needs of business to requires of IT departments

Company creates value through information when the employees are the core of the information

Our aim is to give a new balance between the needs expressed by the people of the Business Team and the rules of communication and reliability of information imposed by companies. Our objective is to create value by offering new options that allow to save time, increase data quality and reduce costs.

Even the most enlightened employers who adopted ICT (Information and Communication Technology) at its inception could not have predicted its evolution and change: market, customers, business areas, namely the Corporate Information System no longer supports growth.

This situation generates:
– The stratification of side by side software solutions which are often not integrated with each other, thus giving rise to the proliferation of unmapped and not integrated “spontaneous” business processes.
– Micro-computing has brought “power” to peripheral areas but, the consequence is the creation of “islands” in which users build their own data assets, often unknown to EDP (Electronic data processing) and/or management.

Result: information fall outside the information circuit of the company and decisions are not supported by consistent and shared “numerical factors”.

IT-Tidy generates communication between the structured information centre and the everyday needs of people and Business Units. The tool is based on the Business Class that we can define as Taxonomy (from the Greek taxis “order” and nomos “norm” or “rule” in its most general sense, the discipline of classification).

Communication can be defined as collaborative if it is addressed to the future and to problem solving rather than to the problem itself, and this allows increasing personal well-being and the total energy of the Person plus Company system.

Information will no longer be imposed from above, without knowledge of the processes, but in compliance with the rules and logic of the IT System, it will be generated by the knowledge and experience of the people who will become the fulcrum and engine of intelligent business information.