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Technical requirement

For a correct use of IT-TIDY it's important have these requirements

Client Side.

Operating Sistem
Windows XP/Vista/Seven with .net 4.0 framework installed

Microsof Office (Excel) 2007/2010/2013 (32 e 64 bit)

Server Side.

  1. Java Virtual Machine
    Java 1.6 (Oracle JDK/Open JDK) as virtual machine
  2. Operating system
    Windows (Xp/Vista/Seven) e Linux Debian (6)
  3. Eclipse Equinox
    For the standard implementation of Open Services Gateway technology for the creation of modular service system
  4. Layer Web Server to call data by http (Jetty/Apache)
  5. Business Class
  6. Database XML
    Database XML Oracle – Xmldb – MarkLogic – Qualcomm – Qizx

General Architecture.

  1. IT-TIDY Add-in
    Add-in of Microsoft Office Excel allowing the user (Client) to get access to data on the server
  2. Soap HTTP/Port:xxxx
    IT-TIDY is connected by SOAP (web service message) to server
  3. IT-TIDY server

Business Intelligence Architecture.

In a data warehousing system, IT-Tidy can be considered the staging area for no-structured data. When data are reconciled in IT-TIDY, they are also present in DWH, thanks the compatibility with SQL. This business intelligence architecture put in touch the specification of each business units. Anyway, the starting point is unique, shared, certified and integrates.